The resolution process of Omkara ARC is also governed by its Board approved Resolution Policy. The resolution strategy of the Company revolve around the idea of achieving maximum realisation from each distressed account acquired by it and depends on factors such as operations of the borrowers, quality of the assets, experience of borrower’s top management, marketability of the financial assets etc.

Omkara ARC aims to revive the financial assets in the best possible manner keeping in mind the interest of all stakeholders and compliance with the extant RBI guidelines, in any one or more of the following methods:

  • Restructuring/ rescheduling of payment of debts payable by the borrower.
  • Additional Finance for restructured accounts.
  • Settlement of dues payable by the borrower.
  • Enforcement of security interest.
  • Change in or takeover of management of the business of the borrower.
  • Sale or lease of part or whole of the business of the borrower.